Dave Blum Catering

Dave Blum breathes, dreams and fantasizes food.
He fell in love with Mediterranean Cuisine ever since he stepped foot there. After completing his culinary studies in Toronto and Israel, his passion became a career. Chef Dave’s resume includes some of the top restaurants and catering firms in Tel Aviv, New York and Toronto. He has numerous years of experience in Japanese, Mid Eastern and French cuisine. His creations show the level of care and passion that have built within him over the years. According to Dave, he hasn’t worked a day in his life.

Project Outline

Dave Blum is a caterer from Toronto who wanted to take his business beyond word of mouth. We at Eglinton Branding Company were hired to brand his company and create an enticing website. We also created his logo, stationary, street level advertisements, and packaging. 




Dave Blum

What I Did

Created a brand and built a website

Visit: bydave.ca

*Please note that the site has gone through an update since we sold EBC, but the branding remains the same.